Five Mistakes Job Seekers Make

  1. Sending in an Incomplete application and unclear resume

Many recruiters will do a quick run through of your resume and application.  If they see something that interests them they will look in more detail.  An incomplete resume and/or application will not get the same attention of the recruiter that other clear and well put together applications and/or resumes will get and deserve.

Recruiters do not want to figure out the puzzle before they can move forward on your documents.  We are impatient and do not like to be held up by someone’s sloppiness.

  1. Constantly calling a company about your application status

Once a company has provided information on their hiring process don’t continue to call.  It looks bad for you.  It says you were not paying attention, don’t care about the process and are desperate to get a job and no one will hire you under those circumstances. It also says you were not listening or interested in what the recruiter explained to you about their process.

  1. Showing up at an organization with a bad attitude

Showing up in an organization with the intent of getting in front of the recruiter to give the recruiter a piece of your mind, rolling your eyes, angry and/or using your demanding voice as well as insisting that your application get the attention you think it deserves is not a win for you. You want to tread lightly, show some respect and humility. It’s amazing how far you can go by being humble and respectful.

  1. Constantly calling a company about the status of the hiring managers’ selection

Once the recruiter has communicated to you that you will hear from them one way or the other (i.e don’t call us, we’ll call you) don’t keep calling to see if a selection has been made.  Constant calling looks like you are harassing the recruiter. This is the person who communicates to all hiring managers.  You may have very well decided your own fate by harassing the recruiter.  At this point, you can’t hope to get that job.  This is a red flag as to what your behavior will be like with the organization.  Although pushy, may be ok for some roles it’s not ok in most office environments. No one wants the pushy, stalker, harassment candidate or employee.

  1. Having a closed mind to alternative job routes

Many job seekers have heard horror stories about working for staffing agencies.  My question to you is who is telling the story and what did they do to create such a bad experience?

Staffing agencies pay a price to promote you and your talents. They are also a bridge to getting your foot in the door (sometimes to the organization you insist on working for and sometimes in an area where you had no idea existed).

You want to always keep an open mind to your options.